Year 11 GCSE Exam Support and Information

GCSE Examinations 2023-2024

GCSE examinations will take place from 9th May to 19th June 2024.

Please note, the Department for Education have once again allowed for a contingency day in the unlikely event of national disruption.

All students must be available to sit exams, if need be, on 26th June 2024.

Exam Guides and Key Documents

GCSE Summer 2024 Timetable

Exam Support Handbook 2024

Awarding BodiesY11 Exam Information Presentation 2024

GCSE Results - Examination Certificates

The school is still holding examination certificates for a number of years and would like to pass them on where possible.

Former pupils are welcome to collect certificates by making an appointment with the Exams Officer – Amanda McNally

JCQ regulations state that certificates should be kept for 12 months, after which, if they remain uncollected, they may be disposed of securely. We hope you will make every effort to collect your certificates as they are important documents which provide confirmation of your achievements. Most educational institutions and employers will ask to see your original certificates before offering you a place or job.  If you lose or fail to collect your certificates you will need to obtain duplicates from the relevant Awarding Body. 

For any queries or questions in respect of exams, please contact:

Exams Officer Mrs Amanda McNally
Deputy Head  Ms Louise Poole



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