Work Experience

All year 10 students undertake one week's work experience in the summer term. 

For all enquiries regarding work experience, please contact Mrs Gail Wickens

At Chailey School we believe that gaining experience in a work place or organisation is a valuable part of a broad careers curriculum.  Over 95% of schools and colleges identify employability skills and increased self-confidence as key benefits of experiences of work.  Students will gain important insights into their career interests and values, which will help them with their future decision-making and that they will relate and apply the skills they are learning at school in the workplace.  Career management skills such as organising, negotiating, networking and self-presentation can also be practised.  


Students will participate in a work experience programme where they arrange and attend a one-week placement with a business or organisation.  For the 2023 - 2024 academic year the placement week is 1st - 5th July 2024.  Students are provided with advice and guidance to support them in identifying possible work experience interests and are encouraged to carry out their own 'job search' and application activities.  

All placements need to be confirmed by completing the Student Initial FormEmployer Agreement Form and Parental Consent & Medical Declaration form, all via Unifrog.

As well as booking their placements, students are encouraged to use Unifrog to help research careers ideas and interests that they may wish to explore through work experience.  Support is also available from our Careers & Work-Related Learning Coordinator by emailing

 Volunteering can also be an excellent way in which students can gain valuable experience of work places and organisations.  We are happy to provide advice or support on exploring possible opportunities.

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