Curriculum Intent

 1. Curriculum Design

-     The ‘formal’ curriculum for PSHE at Chailey School is designed to be broad, balanced and engaging with a view to developing skills and understanding to prepare them to play a full and active part in society. 

-     Key Stage 3 equates to 3 years, with Key Stage 4 equating to 2

Students are grouped according to tutor groups in Years 7,8 & 10, with Year 9 being grouped based on their GCSE languages option. Year 10/11 PSHE takes place during tutor time, with Year 11 taking part in debate based PSHE.

 2. Coherence and continuity

-     The intent of the curriculum in PSHE aligns with the overall curriculum intent of Chailey School

-     By the end of Key Stage 3, students are expected to know a variety of different social skills, personal development, be able to make informed choices, understand the importance of understanding their financial situation, understand the consequences of consuming alcohol, tobacco, and controlled substances, understand topics surround SRE, including the law.

-     By the end of Key Stage 4, students should be able to take part in well structured debates, being able to form their own opinions while still respecting the opinions of others.

-     To achieve this, the curriculum in PSHE is planned in coherent sequences of lessons – knowledge, skills and understanding will be built on and applied in a cumulative manner

-     Assessment, testing of knowledge, skills and understanding, and effective feedback on this in will support this – further details of this can be found in the school’s and subject’s Feedback Policy.

 3. The ‘Informal’ curriculum

-     PSHE contributes [much] to the school’s ‘informal’ curriculum – the experience and opportunity for students in PSHE is not just about set of exam results, very important though those may be. PSHE’s aim is to allow the personal development of every student.

-     Key opportunities for this in PSHE has seen the use of drop down days, such as Enterprise and Relationships Day in Year 10.

-     PSHE also contributes to the development of cultural literacy in particular when covering topics such as the law or politics where other nations cultures and views are discussed, as well as “British Values”

 4. Building character and values in the curriculum

-     All subjects at Chailey School contribute towards building the character and values of its young people

-     This is achieved through our drop-down days in Year 10; Relationships Day/Enterprise Day. This is also covered in units such as; Personal Identity/EHWB/Relationships/Identity & Diversity/Employability


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