Our Ethos and Values

‘Everyone the best they can be’

Chailey School a friendly, vibrant community school whose students are the very essence of a successful future society. Our website gives a flavour of the breadth of the education and opportunities at Chailey School, including copies of key documents, school policies, our weekly bulletin and our news ‘blog’.


Chailey School is known to be an incredibly caring, friendly and nurturing school where the outstanding relationships between students and staff bring out the best in everyone, as noted by Ofsted in January 2022.

"This is a kind school. The school’s values of kindness, resilience, independence and creativity permeate everything. The welcome at reception, meetings with staff and discussions with pupils confirm that this is a happy and harmonious school.  Leaders and governors are ambitious for what pupils can achieve. Parents and guardians speak enthusiastically about the school. One parent describes it as a ‘rare find’ and says it is a school ‘that values both academic achievement and the children themselves’." (OFSTED 2022)

There is though, much more to Chailey School.

We are highly ambitious and aspirational for every single one of our students. We believe it is important to take them beyond their immediate horizons in terms of both educational outcomes and learning opportunities. To do that requires a team of dedicated and high quality teachers and staff. We gain amazing exam results and have been recognised nationally for these. We are proud to have won national awards for both exceptional examination results, the quality of teaching and learning and the breadth of learning that takes place outside the classroom.

Each student’s experience of the curriculum matters. That is why we have been determined to retain a broad curriculum that embraces the arts and cultural activities as critical elements of a rounded education. We are proud that we participate in as many extra-curricular opportunities as possible, ranging from national and international competitions and events to trips at home and abroad. We continue to be successful against both state and private schools across a wide range of competitions.

It is also important at Chailey that our teachers are active learners too; constantly refining and honing our skills through training and our annual programme of classroom-based research. This enables us to share our curiosity and enjoyment of learning with the students and challenge everyone in our Chailey community to aspire to achieve the very highest standards. We believe in the power of real experiences for our students and continue to work very closely with employers to bring the world of work into Chailey and to take our students into real work places.

Chailey School offers traditional British values of decency, mutual respect and discipline. These engender an inclusive environment that enables students and teachers to strive to be ‘the best they can be.’ Our aim is that every student who walks through our door is nurtured, challenged and given every opportunity to develop their knowledge, experience, character and leadership skills.

To prepare our students for the 21st Century local and global economy we strive to enable them to be able to use cutting edge industrial standard technology and work in a progressive and stimulating environment. We wish to inspire them to look beyond their immediate horizons and aspire to reach their dreams.

We are fortunate to have a new school building, fit for the 21st Century, with light airy classrooms and corridors and specialist teaching spaces. 


Our values are what make us difference and we base everything we do around our key value of kindness.


❖ We inspire a lifelong love of learning and a curiosity about the world in a safe and stimulating environment, both in and out of the classroom

❖ We encourage collaboration, reflection, mutual respect and honest intentions both within our school and in our wider communities

❖ We believe that self-respect and behaviour supports great learning and we care about each other and our communities

❖ We promote inclusivity, providing opportunities for every individual to thrive within and beyond Chailey School

❖ We value hard work and resilience as key personal attributes in everyone

❖ We participate as active and valued citizens of the world, promoting democracy and guided by justice and compassion

Our values translate into six key words for us.  We positively teach these values and reward students for showing them inside and outside of school.


Behaviours we aspire to in all of our communities

Staff, students, Governors and Chailey families

Curricular and Character Values that underpin all we do as a school community.


Demonstrating respect and generosity of spirit with all members of our Chailey community by:

  1. Having compassion and care
  2. Building trust and rapport
  3. Acting with honesty at all times
  4.  Helping everyone to move forwards
  5. Empowering and elevating others
  6. Having a genuine interest in helping others



Working through periods of difficulty and toughness by:

  1. Remaining positive and optimistic even when experiencing setbacks or facing challenges
  2. Working through problems and not giving up
  3. Asking for help when needed
  4. Supporting each other through the hard times
  5. Believing all can succeed and celebrating the successes of others
  6. Doing what is right rather than what is popular


Working hard to take responsibility for own development by:

  1. Challenging yourself to learn and make progress in every lesson or learning opportunity
  2. Managing your time effectively
  3. Doing what you say you will do
  4. Taking responsibility for your own actions and learning
  5. Setting, completing and supporting homework


Thinking and working creatively by:

  1. Using your own imagination to invent and develop fresh ideas
  2. Being prepared to help solve problems
  3. Being prepared to take risks to improve
  4. Communicating and working together
  5. Expressing your own views and listening to others


Being conscientious and dutiful towards other people and work by:

  1. Valuing difference, diversity and equity of opportunity in our community
  2. Demonstrating humility and self-control, leaving egos at the door
  3. Removing barriers to enable everyone to achieve, including modelling considerate behaviour
  4. Developing leaders of the future
  5. Behaving responsibly towards the community and environment
  6. Encouraging everyone to feel valued




Engaging in all elements of school life by:

  1. Being actively engaged in your own learning, including being prepared to practise oracy in and out of lessons
  2. Participating in extra-curricular activities and Learning Outside the Classroom
  3. Attending school events with an open mind and positive attitude
  4. Understanding that rules are there for the community’s benefit and are applied consistently and transparently
  5. Celebrating the success of others and believing everyone has something positive to offer
  6. Being determined to enjoy the challenge in learning