Speak Out Challenge

24th May 2024

Speak Out Challenge May 2024


On Wednesday morning, six year 10 students took part in the Speak Out Challenge assembly final.

As the name would suggest, the ‘Speak Out Challenge’ is designed to give teenagers a platform and an opportunity to have their voices heard. The assembly final sees students presenting their speeches before an audience so that the winner and runner-up can be selected. The winner will then go on to present their speech at the Regional Final of the competition.

Following on from the workshop back in the autumn term, Will, Stan S, Isla, Evie, Cassie and Stan H have all worked incredibly hard to prepare for the competition by selecting meaningful topics, crafting their speeches, and honing their delivery.

Our year 9 audience listened avidly to the range of topics that the speakers had selected: Will delivered an uplifting reminder of the importance of gratitude; Stan S urged the audience to combat unkindness and not be a bystander; Isla implored us to avoid judging ourselves and others using narrow beauty standards; Evie asked us to consider the nature of dreams; Cassie delivered an impassioned plea for a re-imagining of the exam system; Stan H conveyed the deep connection that humans have with music.

The speeches were a fantastic example of our students using their voices to impart messages they believe in and were a real testament to not only the preparation they had put in but also to their courage on the day.

The judges were incredibly impressed by the carefully considered and well-crafted speeches as well as the maturity of their delivery.  

Although all six speakers delivered a fantastic performance, of course there could only be one winner. After deliberation from the judges, Isla has been crowned the winner and will be going on to represent Chailey at the Regional Finals, with Stan H as reserve. A huge congratulations to all assembly finalists and our very best wishes to Isla and Stan as they prepare for the next stage of the competition.