Take Your Child to Work Day

14th Mar 2024


Take your child to work 8 march 2024 photo collage

Take your child to work - Friday 8th March 2024

'Work' is a place we go, a word we use; how many of our young people really understand 

what it is we actually do while we are at 'work'? 


Last week was National Careers Week, and to celebrate Chailey School students and their parents/carers took part in our very first 'Take your Child to Work Day'.

Friday 8th March dawned with 79 of our adventurous Year 8's waking up and preparing for a day of learning, enlightenment & hard work!

Parents & Carers of Year 8 had been invited to offer their student the opportunity to visit their workplace for a whole day. The idea behind the event is to try to demonstrate to our young people exactly what their parents/carers do at work, for students to learn what it's like to go to 'work' and for them to see how the subjects they learn at school fit into the world of work.  

In terms of careers education this is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain a real insight into what the world of work looks like for their parents/carers, to meet other staff members in the work place, to learn what different sectors, industries and businesses do and how they do it.

Our students were lucky enough to spend their days at a wonderful variety of workplaces from a variety of sectors such as training & education, dental care, catering & hospitality, landscaping & gardening, energy services, retail, finance, accountancy, highways & infrastructure, aeronautics, travel, civil service, marketing & communications, foreign office, media, shipping & freight, technology, online location services, civil engineering & construction, music & arts, housing & development, insurance, medicine, neurodiversity awareness, maritime transport, risk assessment & health & safety, and many many more.  Thank you to all of our employers for offering our students the chance to go to 'work'.

This week we met up with the students to see how they got on, share photos and gain some feedback about their experiences and issue rewards and certificates!  We loved hearing about where the students went and what they learnt while they were there.  

We asked the students to complete a feedback form, the results of which we have included below! As, we hope you agree, the feedback clearly shows that this day was a success, it was well received by our students.  Of course, we've not been able to include all of the feedback below, but there was a theme that cropped up on more than half of the forms we received back and that was how much the students had all enjoyed their lunch while at their various work places!

See the full presentation here: TYCTW photo and feedback presentation