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Parent Support Service Seminar - 'You Can Change Your Brain'

Action Your Potential's Innovative Brain Science Seminars continue Thu 16 May 6 - 7pm this week: You Can Change Your Brain
This Thursday we have the next in our series of brain science seminars.  Please note the change of time, we're starting at 6pm because that's the feedback you've given us.  We've also increased the number of seminars we're doing because they've been so popular.
This week we're taking our experiences with the 12 Rocks of Well-Being and Being Anxiety Aware (Seminars 1 and 2) and exploring how the brain is neurally plastic.  This means it can change and grow throughout our lives.  We'll be looking at how this happens and more importantly how all of us can maximise this change process in our brains to develop the patterns of thinking and habits that will mean we get more out of learning, relationships, our memories and life.
If you've been before you will be re-invited, but do book here as last time we had to put out many more chairs as the hall filled up.  Here's the link to sign up or you can text Andrew on 07590 698701.
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