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Shanghai Maths

Chailey School, along with St Paul's Catholic College, is representing the Sussex Maths Hub in Year 2 of the China/England Exchange Project, co-ordinated by the Maths Hub Programme and the National Centre fo Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM).  

Miss Claire Palmer (Chailey) and Miss Deb Friis (St Paul's) spent two weeks in Shanghai at the beginning of September visiting Jin Cai Experimental Middle School and Minhang Experimental Primary School, where they observed a range of different lessons and took part in extensive Teacher Research Groups, as well as meeting the students and learning more about the organisation of both schools. 

As part of the return leg of the exchange project, Chailey School is privileged to host Mr Ji Changzhen and Mr Hu Yiqun, who will work alongside Miss Palmer, Miss Friis and the Mathematics Facilities of both Sussex schools, in a carefully planned and supervised programme throughout November.


The overarching aim of the project is to research elements of the Shanghai approach to teaching mathematics that can be implemented in English school settings.  One of the main objectives is for teachers within both Mathematics Faculties to explore ways in which some of the methods of maths teaching exhibited by the Shanghai teachers can be introduced to maths teaching to help students acquire mastery (deeper understanding) of mathematics.

Secondary school maths teachers interested in CPD events being held as Chailey School for teachers from across East and West Sussex and Brighton & Hove, can find more details in the flyer listed in the menu to the right and the CPD menu item.

Delegates will be able to discuss key aspects of collaborative planning and to observe teaching within Year 7 and Year 8 lessons as well as actively taking part in Teacher Research Groups to evaluate key concepts.

To book your place please contact Vanessa Milne of Sussex Maths Hub at sussexmathshubadmin@stpaulscc.ac.uk



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