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GCSE Summer 2020

GCSE Results Day is Thursday 20th August. Students are asked to check their school email account regularly for Exam updates.


JCQ Candidate Notices

All students must read the JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) Information and Notices for candidates produced each year which give details of the regulations that candidates MUST comply with during their formal exams. They also provide advice on the use of social media and the rules for NEAs (Non-Examination Assessments):

JCQ Information for Candidates: Privacy Notice

JCQ Information for Candidates: For Written Examinations

JCQ Information for Candidates: Non-Examination Assessments

JCQ No i-pods, mobile phones, MP3/4 players and smart watches poster

JCQ Warning to Candidates poster

JCQ Information for Candidates: Using Social Media and Examinations/Assessments

Summer 2020 GCSE Boards and Codes

This table provides details of the Exam boards and codes for GCSE exams taken at Chailey and may help in completing 6th form applications.

Website Updates

Please check this part of the school website regularly for any news or updates regarding GCSEs.

Exams and Covid-19

This has been an incredibly difficult time for students who were expecting to sit their GCSEs at Chailey School this summer. In these unprecedented circumstances, the Summer 2020 exams were cancelled by the government in an effort to help fight the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Ofqual has put in place a process which they believe is the fairest way of making sure students have the grades they need in time to progress to further study or employment.

Details of Ofqual documents detailing the process and decisions made can be located on the Gov UK website:


Ofqual have also produced a video which explains the principles of the standardisation process they will use on Centre Assessed Grades that have been submitted to them:



The Process and Centre Assess Grades (CAGs)

Following Ofqual guidance, Chailey School put rigorous procedures in place to ensure students are given fair and just grades which will enable them to proceed to the next stage of their education and life. Centre Assessed Grades and rankings for students have been submitted to the exam boards and are currently being standardised by them prior to the release of results. Details of the Centre Assessed Grades process used at Chailey can be found in right hand menu:

Centre Based Assessment – Chailey School.

In addition, students and parents/carers may also refer to the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) which contains information on this year’s exams process:


Results Day

GCSE results day is the original release date of: Thursday 20th August 2020

Students are invited to attend school and collect their results in tutor group time slots:

Ashdown:           9.00 am to 9.20 am

Caburn:                9.20 am to 9.40 am

Ditchling:             9.40 am to 10.00 am

Firle:                      10.00 am to 10.20 am

Glynde:                10.20 am to 10.40 am

A letter with full details, including contingency information, which has been sent to students, parents/carers can be found in the right hand menu:

Details on Results Day Letter to Students

If students are unable to collect their results they will be available on Edulink from 11.00 am.

Post Results – Autumn Series 2020

Ofqual has decided that exam boards must make exams available in all GCSE, AS and A level subjects in an additional autumn series. GCSE exams will run:

Monday 2nd November to Monday 23rd November 2020

The timetable of the November exams will be published shortly and updated onto this website.  Details of how to enter for any exams in November will be detailed in the letter sent with exam results and put on the website.

Results and Appeals

Centre Appeals

Chailey School will only be able to appeal Centre Assessed Grades in the following circumstances:

· where a Centre believes it has made an error when submitting its information (this must be supported by clear evidence that an error has been made by the Centre); and / or

· if a Centre believes an Examination Board made a mistake when calculating, assigning or communicating a grade.

Centres will not be permitted to appeal in respect of the operation or outcome of the statistical standardisation model.

Student Appeals

Please find below the provisional terms of appeal, which are still to be confirmed by Ofqual.

Once they have received their result, students will have the right to:

· ask their Centre to check whether they made an error when submitting a Centre Assessment Grade and / or including them in the Centre’s rank order;

· raise a complaint to their Centre if they have evidence of bias or that they were discriminated against; they could also pass such evidence on to the Examination Board who could investigate for potential malpractice; and / or

· appeal against the following Centre decisions: to not to seek any information the Awarding Body holds that would be needed for an appeal; and / or not to appeal to the Awarding Body.

Students cannot appeal against their school or college’s Centre Assessment Grades and position in the rank order for the following reasons:

· the appeal would have to be undertaken by someone better placed than the student’s Subject Teacher to judge the grade they would likely have received if the examination had taken place – in the unique circumstances of this summer, Ofqual do not believe there is any such person;

· an appeal would also require students to have access to the information their school or college put forward before being submitted to the Examination Boards. This may compromise the reliability of this year’s approach; or

· if one student successfully appealed against their position in the rank order, it would have negative implications for other students who would, in turn, need to be given an opportunity to appeal.

The school’s provisional Results and Appeals Process details information about Appeals and includes an Appeals Form. 

The current Summer 2020 Results and Appeals Process document can be found in the right hand menu.

Exams Update letter 21st July 2020

Please see our latest letter to students dated 21st July in the right hand menu.


Please keep checking this website for any updates. We will also keep you advised of exam information by your school email account – please make sure we have your up-to-date e-mail and mobile details.

Finally, we really hope your grades will enable you to go on to the next stage of your education and wish you every success in the future.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Adams: jadams@chaileyschool.org.



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