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Physical Education

Faculty Leader, PE - Ms J Maynard



The Physical Education (PE) department at Chailey School seek avidly to support the schools vision of ‘every adult and child achieving more than they ever thought possible’.  

The Department aims to do this through the provision of a high quality curriculum which enables all students to enjoy and succeed in a variety of sporting contexts and physical activities.

A broad and balanced curriculum is designed to reflect a variety of student interests and incorporates traditional style activities, including football, netball and gymnastics whilst being complimented by a range of exciting and innovative activities such as ultimate frisbee, golf, dodge ball and fitness.

The attitude among the department is dynamic and committed to the provision of High Quality PE and School Sport.  Pupils are encouraged to participate in inter-community and inter-school competition via a range of extra-curricular clubs, inter school fixtures and inter-house activities.  This not only enables students to strive to achieve excellence but also creates positive feelings of belonging and team spirit which transcends throughout the school.

Key Stage 3

Via the medium of sport, students will develop a range of skills and abilities, including the developments of increasingly advanced techniques and tactical or compositional understanding.  The provision of opportunity for students to experience and develop the 5 key processes of the National Curriculum is inherent in them making good progress.  Each block of work therefore addresses these processes and student assessments are based upon the performance of them.  These are:

•    Developing skills in physical activity
•    Making and Applying decisions
•    Developing physical and mental capacity
•    Evaluating and improving
•    Making informed choices about healthy, active lifestyles.

Through PE at Chailey School we aim to build students confidence and provide them with the skills and knowledge to participate and be successful.  We look to develop the personal and social skills of the individual by providing opportunities to work in individual, group or team settings and encouraging students to take on different roles and responsibilities, including leadership, coaching and officiating.

Key Stage 4

Core PE

In KS4, all students will complete a compulsory 2 lessons of core PE a week.  Students are afforded the opportunity to select a pathway at the beginning of year 10 and can either follow a programme of physical activity designed to extend their KS3 development, or to complete a programme focusing on Sports Leadership where roles of leader, coach, manager and official are explored.


Students opting to take GCSE PE will complete an additional 3 lessons of PE per week.  These lessons are designed to cover the theory and practical elements of the EDEXCEL PE Specification.

Extra Curricular

A variety of extra-curricular sports activities are available and further information is available on the link to the right of this page.  Currently, the PE department have Mondays as club day and Tuesday-Friday for matches.


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